Wednesday, July 24, 2013

While in Toronto

Keeping academic skills sharp over the summer can be a challenge!  So, to help overcome this possible decline, I gave my son a writing assignment.  Back in June he and I went to Toronto, Ontario.  Here is his report highlighting his trip.  My next assignment is for him to take this report and turn it into a PowerPoint presentation.

Toronto by Kaleb Lichty

I went to Toronto and the purpose of the trip was to go there and perform.  I traveled with the Battle Creek Boychoir because I was a member.  Also going with the Boychoir were the Battle Creek Girls’ Chorus and Young Men’s Ensemble.  We traveled on an Indian Trails charter bus.  We were in Toronto for three days doing some sightseeing and doing some singing from Friday, June 14th through Monday, June 17th.  One of those days was at Niagara Falls.  My dad accompanied me to Toronto and all the places we went.
These are the places we visited.  We visited Casa Loma, a castle in Toronto, the Ontario Legislative Building, the CN tower, Ontario Science Center and Niagara Falls.  We took a tour when we visited each place. My favorite places were the CN tower, Casa Loma and Ontario Science Center.  After touring Casa Loma, we found the nearest subway station and rode the subway to the Eaton Center, a giant mall in downtown Toronto.  Riding the subway was a blast.  While at the Ontario Science Center, we went to the IMAX Theater and it was huge! I didn’t like the Ontario Legislative Building as much as the other things because it was boring and we didn’t ride any elevators.  At Niagara Falls we went down an elevator to get to Journey Behind the Falls.  While getting to the Maid of the Mist, a boat that takes riders to the base of the Falls, we also rode an elevator to the bottom floor.  I love elevators, and so the CN Tower was the most memorable because it had the best elevators—so fast and so high. 
I raised the money toward the trip by selling flower pots, candles and spaghetti dinner tickets prior to going.  At the spaghetti dinner I also worked there and received even more money.  I needed to get passport documents to go and I got a passport card.  I had 5 rehearsals before I went. We performed at Casa Loma at 1:00, at Our Lady of the Sorrows Church at 7:30 on Saturday evening and at St. John’s Norway Anglican Church at 10:00 on Sunday morning.  We sang “We Will Sing for Joy”, “All Thy Gifts of Love” and more.  My favorite performances were at Our Lady of The Sorrows and at Casa Loma. My favorite songs were “All Thy Gifts of Love” and “We Will Sing for Joy”.  On the steps just outside the Ontario Legislative Building we sang the Canadian national anthem, “O Canada”.
I learned that in Canada some things are just like here in America, but some things were very different.  Canada uses the metric system, so instead of miles they use kilometers.  For temperature they use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.  Their money is different, too.  They use only coins for a dollar instead of paper, and they don’t use pennies.  With so many things to see and do, I would definitely go back to Toronto or Niagara Falls.  I want to ride on the Maid of the Mist again and travel up and down the elevators at the CN Tower.   The biggest advice I can give anyone who would want to go to Canada is to learn the metric system.

(As seen from Casa Loma, inside one of the lookout towers)

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