Saturday, August 29, 2015

Possible cover

This cover for my new children's novel is a work in progress. You have already met my new main character. If not, let me introduce you to Alex.


Friday, August 28, 2015

Let's Get Ready to Ebay

 All right. At 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Crazy Adventures: Preteen Stories and Fantasies will be live on Ebay. Go here for details. At the same time Jimmy Miller Books 1 & 2 combo pack will also go live. Click this.  I'm offering Jimmy Miller books only as a combo package on Ebay. These are autographed print copies. Hurry while I have them in stock! And, they'll ship internationally. Be patient! They'll get there.

Some Illustrations

Let me introduce you to Alex. He's in big trouble. He also is the main character in my soon-to-be published children's novel. Before, I had mentioned that I planned to have this traditionally published. What had changed my mind? Sales for Crazy Adventures, that's what. So far, Crazy Adventures sales have gone well for an author who is unknown.

Like the illustrations in Crazy Adventures, these are nothing more than doodles. Yes, there are children who draw way better than this. Talented children are everywhere. My hope is that these illustrations help young readers get an idea of what's going on in each chapter.

Alex gets in a fight at recess.

Alex in trouble again, nursing a bloody nose.

A quick update on the Amazon Marketplace:

Okay, I'm just going to use Ebay  for sales beyond the United States because I'm most familiar with their system more than Amazon's system. So, it's in the works.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

To Market

I'm still looking for a way to ship autographed print books internationally. Very soon, I plan on offering them through Amazon Martketplace. This will at least broaden my shipping options to Canada. Of course, if anyone in other places wishes to fly me to his or her nation, providing room and board, then I could just set up shop there. I wouldn't have to worry about shipping because people could line up and buy them off of me. Just dreaming...

Anyway, I need to set up with Amazon first. I'll let you know when that happens. I will have a limited inventory, though. As of last Saturday, after selling at the flea market, I have eight Crazy Adventures left and four of each book of the Jimmy Miller series. I still have several copies of the Jimmy Miller books with old covers on them.

Friday, August 21, 2015

End Times Reading List

Stop! This is not a blurb about what to read concerning the End Times. No, I am saying that when stocking your survival bunker, remember to pack something to read. YouTube might be down for a while and so your only source of entertainment might be the books you pack. Don't forget the kids. I mean, bring the kids with you, but give them books to read as well. Hopefully, you have a generator so you can recharge your Kindles, but maybe if YouTube is down, Amazon could be, too. Downloading Kindle books could be a challenge. While Amazon works to reboot their cloud, get some print books. You'll need light bulbs or a source of light. (Of course, I don't really know if this would happen to Amazon, but it sounds truthful.)

I got to thinking about this after the U.S. stock markets slumped a bit. Anyway, get a hold of the Jimmy Miller books. I'm hoping to get Book 3 done before any End Times action. Crazy Adventures would be good for the kids in your survival bunker.

Hurry! Snatch 'em up before were all stuck with snail mail. Of course, I ship my autograph books through snail mail. So, you're covered no matter what. 

I'm selling at the Paw Paw flea market tomorrow. I'll let you know how much I have left in my inventory afterwards. Have a great weekend all. And, let's hope the End Times are far into the future and your survival bunker is just a grand man cave.  Or woman cave.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Commercial Nonsense kids on commercials behave like uncontrollable brats. Behind such brats are often parents who failed to establish any kind of boundaries with their kids. And these parents have the gumption to bring in a sitter for their little terrorists? These kids are not coming across as cute. Rather, these kids demonstrate the worse in parenting. Parents who have convinced their kids that the world revolves around them. I've commented on their commercials before. They should consider changing their marketing. Of course, if they are actually making money from it, then, hey, I guess they're on to something.

Amazon Echo...Now your house can be just like the Enterprise from Star Trek. Just shout out your request, and Echo will comply. Unless the command is "bring me more coffee." Of course, a decent smartphone or tablet might be able to do the same tasks, I think. I hate to say it, but it vaguely reminds me of a sophisticated Clapper. (You know, clap on, clap off...the Clapper.) It might be fun for about five minutes...until the novelty runs out. Perhaps, they could make a Chia Echo. The pottery that grows and turns your lights on for you.

Denny's; The Thing Burger...Not appetizing in anyway. The new and improved Thing from the latest Fantastic Four movie looks like...well, since this is a family blog, I better not say. What was wrong with the Thing from the previous Fantastic Four movies? He was entertaining. The new Thing is not anymore realistic. I don't know what happened to this new movie. It's a mess. It's just cause for a Mystery Science Theater 3000 reunion show. Did the creator look at The Green Lantern movie and say, "I think that's the direction I'd like to go." As for Denny's since there's zero interest in the new Fantastic Four movie, maybe you should rename the burger to something more popular. Call it the Trump burger.

I'm working on illustrations for my children's novel, even though I hoped to find someone to provide professional ones. Here's a sample of one:
Be good to yourselves!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Autograph Update

For U.S. readers, I've updated the prices for each autographed copy of each book and the combo package. I pay shipping costs and any sales tax. I'm not snubbing the rest of the world. One day I hope to set up a way to send books outside of the U.S. I carry a limited supply of each book, so it's possible I might have to back order them. In this case, orders could take a few weeks to arrive.