Friday, August 21, 2015

End Times Reading List

Stop! This is not a blurb about what to read concerning the End Times. No, I am saying that when stocking your survival bunker, remember to pack something to read. YouTube might be down for a while and so your only source of entertainment might be the books you pack. Don't forget the kids. I mean, bring the kids with you, but give them books to read as well. Hopefully, you have a generator so you can recharge your Kindles, but maybe if YouTube is down, Amazon could be, too. Downloading Kindle books could be a challenge. While Amazon works to reboot their cloud, get some print books. You'll need light bulbs or a source of light. (Of course, I don't really know if this would happen to Amazon, but it sounds truthful.)

I got to thinking about this after the U.S. stock markets slumped a bit. Anyway, get a hold of the Jimmy Miller books. I'm hoping to get Book 3 done before any End Times action. Crazy Adventures would be good for the kids in your survival bunker.

Hurry! Snatch 'em up before were all stuck with snail mail. Of course, I ship my autograph books through snail mail. So, you're covered no matter what. 

I'm selling at the Paw Paw flea market tomorrow. I'll let you know how much I have left in my inventory afterwards. Have a great weekend all. And, let's hope the End Times are far into the future and your survival bunker is just a grand man cave.  Or woman cave.

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