Saturday, June 18, 2016

Flea Market Scene

Selling autographed copies of my books has been rather slow. I must say that both Crazy Adventures and Magic Brain Shoes are selling the best. The only flea market I've sold at this summer is Reits Flea Market in Paw Paw. However, starting in July, I'll be at the flea market in Shipshewana, Indiana in addition to the one in Michigan.

Of course, I haven't sold enough to make book writing and selling a career (yet)! All my sales have been cash. I've been eager to use PayPal Here because I can use my phone for it. It's like a toy. So far, no one this summer is willing to take on debt to purchase my books. Slowly, Jimmy Miller book 3 is churning. Anyway, I'm hoping to secure some other kind of employment besides substitute teaching. Although, substitute teaching isn't a bad job. I actually enjoy it. So, who knows, I may just stick to it and write on the side.

The Summer Solstice is almost here for us Northern Hemisphere folks. It's bittersweet because I like seeing the sun and having daylight early and later. I hate the dark days of winter. Anyway, have a good one. Whatever that means to you.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Magic Brain Shoes for Kindle

Starting June 1, Magic Brain Shoes will be available for free. This promotion lasts until June 5. Oh, the promotion is for the Kindle. Start your child's summer reading list with Magic Brain Shoes. After the promotion, the price will be 99 cents, which isn't too expensive.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer 2016--a Brief Update

I have spent many months not writing but working as a substitute teacher. Unfortunately, I haven't written much or kept up with this blog. Well, the school year is nearly over here in Michigan. I'm planning a return to my writing life and selling books. I've been torn recently either to finish the Jimmy Miller series or to revamp it. One thing I'd like to to is reduce the wordiness of the first two books. My original intent was to write the series in first person, which meant writing as if a fourth grader had written with help from a "behind the scenes" adult helping him.

However, I've been reading a science fiction book where the author is not writing as a fourth grader, but is way too wordy. It reminded me of my writing. How can I criticize him when I have done the same thing?

Anyway, I'm planning on bring back book buying options on the blog for those who wish to purchase an autographed copy via eBay. I've gotta run...I've got a sub job to do. Third grade today! Yeah!

Be good to yourselves!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Crazy Adventures Kindle Promotion

Here's something to smile about:

Beginning tomorrow at some point Crazy Adventures: Preteen Stories and Fantasies will be available for free at the Amazon Kindle store.

This promotion runs through Sunday, October 25th. Get your kids something to read, including some short stories perfect for Halloween. I'm talking about the fun scary and not traumatizing scary.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

First Edition...Ho!

This book is now officially published. It is intended for children. I'm not sure when it will be available on Amazon. I don't have a Kindle version as of yet. The main character is in third grade and eight years old.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

More Cover Prototypes

Magic Brain Shoes is soon to be published. I have a prototype for both the front cover and back cover.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Eclipse Magic

Sunday night was the Supermoon lunar eclipse. It was mostly cloudy in Michigan, but there had been some brief moments of clearing. As you may or may not be aware, I love a good conspiracy theory/end-of-the-world scenario. Monday was supposed to be the Rapture. It's when Jesus comes and takes all the faithful to Heaven. Either I missed the Rapture train or it never happened. I woke up and had coffee like always. It was quite delightful coffee, too. Starbucks Italian dark roast. Maybe I am in Heaven based on the coffee. However, while I was out driving, the traffic reminded me that Heaven isn't filled with large trucks in your way or those jerk drivers whose sole mission in life is to wake up and be jerks.

Another thing that was supposed to happen was the collapse of the American economy. The American stock markets slumped Monday, but now their going strong. So far, no asteroids have collided with Earth. An asteroid strike was another event that was going to happen. Maybe Superman showed up and stopped it.

I planned on posting earlier in the week, but I had some things I had to do in regards to a potential job. In a couple of weeks, I could be a substitute teacher. It's part of my plan to raise funds to market and sell more books. I had a training and had to get fingerprinted. All my paperwork has to get processed. My next flea market won't be until October 31...Halloween. Do I show up in costume? Do I pass out candy? Stay tuned! I may answer these questions in time.

Be good to yourselves!