Monday, December 17, 2012



You should never  swear on live T.V.!  Trust me…your life will suck if you do.  My friend Jimmy Miller found this out the hard way.  In this stupid, crazy, unfair world adults could say whatever the heck they wanted.  However, when a kid, especially a nice one like my friend, says anything like this…well…let’s just say, it can get quite ridiculous.  Before his foul-mouthed slip-up, people only talked about how wonderful he was and how grateful they were that he saved their sorry hind-ends. All I can say is that…they’re all lucky it happened to Jimmy and not me—I would have ripped them each a new you-know-what!
Now, this story really is all about Jimmy told in his words, but before he got his say, I wanted mine.  You see, I don’t care what any of you think.  Jimmy, on the other hand, is a sensitive 9-year-old boy, and for some reason, is obsessed with the world’s opinion of him.  I wanted to give you losers a brief introduction of how he got his super-human abilities before he started his story.  
Who am I?  I’m the girl stuck with being best friends with him.  Don’t get me wrong—I love the kid.  And, it’s partly my fault we ended up with our unique friendship.  Mainly, our screwed-up childhoods brought us together due to events totally out of our control.  Without going too far into my background I will tell you that my mom is a complete mess and although I love her, I’m ashamed of her—for putting drugs over the welfare of my brother and me.  Some of you may wonder if I’m full of anger.  Well, what the heck don’t you understand about all this?  God dealt me a mother who needs her own 9-year-old daughter to look after her—so she won’t screw everything up again! 
Anyway, getting back to Jimmy, there was a time you all were itching to know the details of how he became super powerful.  For those of you losers who still might actually care about the scoop on him, I’ll give you a brief run-down.  You know the government?  I’m talking about like the President and the Congress over in Washington, D.C.?  Well, you see, these geniuses gave a ton of money to a corporation called Etyouth, meaning “Eternal Youth.”  The money went to fund several research projects to “improve” human life, and the greatest effort went into the engineering of genetically-altered food.  When my friend Jimmy was four, his mom died of an aggressive form of ovarian cancer, and Etyouth, subsequently, hired his dad, scientist Robert James Miller, as head researcher, developing fruits, vegetables, and grains that would provide unprecedented health benefits, such as immunity to ailments like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and general stupidity.  To combat the rising number of obese people in our country, the food hopefully would fool the human body into thinking it was exercising, even if someone never physically moved off the couch.  Due to the fact Etyouth and the government wished to keep this top secret, they restricted employees from leaving the facility, located near a military base in the New Mexican desert.
Jimmy lived there, too, with his dad in an apartment provided to employees.  With no other children around, he lived in a world surrounded by adults.  Instead of school, he learned through private tutors.  Etyouth built a playground for his exclusive use, providing him a cocker spaniel for companionship.  All this drastically changed when William McDonnell, the director of the corporation, decided to use Jimmy as a guinea pig to test out the experimental food.  He didn’t even notify his father!
Before Jimmy, the animals previously used for testing died—every single one!  Every day he ate his lunch at the employee cafeteria, but Etyouth secretly prepared a special plate just for him.  He swallowed it all, completely unaware of what he just put in his body.  Over time he became very sick, eventually sliding into a coma, necessitating a stay at the military hospital.  A month went by before he came to, but he quickly recovered, fully regaining his health.  Etyouth resumed their research efforts on Jimmy, until his dad found out.  Robert had some time to eat lunch with his son in the cafeteria, and he briefly filled in for the cashier who needed a bathroom break.  He happened to stumble upon the head cook preparing Jimmy’s meal, and instantly recognized the experimental food.
Enraged, he confronted William McDonnell, terminating his employment at Etyouth.  Instead, though, they placed Robert and Jimmy under house arrest.  Major Camp, head of security, ordered their apartment under guard 24 hours a day.  One night during torrential rainfall, Robert and Jimmy escaped out the bathroom window, climbing aboard the SUV they utilized around the compound and military base.  Unfortunately, off-duty security officers spotted them, spurring Camp to mobilize a chase.  They quickly overtook Robert and Jimmy, the squadron of Camp’s men blockading the vehicle, and dragged them both outside into the mud, placing them in handcuffs.  Major Camp mercilessly beat Robert several times, as the horrified Jimmy cried out in protest.  However, in an amazing feat of strength, Jimmy broke out of the handcuffs, ran over to his dad, and pushed Camp into the side of the SUV so hard, it knocked him out.  Breaking his father’s handcuffs, helping him to his feet, they proceeded to run on foot, hand-in-hand, as the security guards rushed after them, some of them slipping on the mucky, desert floor.  Much to their surprise, Jimmy and his dad accelerated at an incredible speed, eventually breaking the sound barrier with a boom.  Their velocity exponentially increased and for a brief moment, they stepped out of time and space. When they stopped, they found themselves in a swamp in the Florida Everglades.
While struggling to figure out their new surroundings, not to mention the unusual circumstance of how they ended up there, a 15 foot alligator bolted out of the water, seizing Robert by the neck, plunging him into the bottom of the shallow swamp.  Jimmy rushed over and pried the animal’s jaws open, releasing his dad from what should have been certain death.  Getting underneath the reptile’s body, he hurled it away.  As Jimmy dragged his dad to more solid ground, he detected a broken neck.  Then, while Jimmy held him, Robert’s injury miraculously healed.  Using Jimmy’s new found running speed, they departed the swamp.  They arrived at the front door of his grandparents in Sturgis, Michigan, where they lived for about a month. 
During this time they discovered more of Jimmy’s super-human abilities.  Aside from having quick speed, they realized that his body developed hardness greater than diamonds, making him nearly indestructible.  They eventually determined all his powers as follows:  invulnerability, extraordinary speed, molecular manipulation, healing the injured or sick, walking through solid objects, lifting up to 2000 pounds, and exceptional buoyancy in water.  Oh, and did I mention that he could fly as fast as he could run?
Not only that, Jimmy could transform into a man in an instant, and his powers changed as an adult.  He acquired infinite strength, but lost much of his speed, most of his molecular manipulation, and all of his healing ability. However, he retained his capability to fly, but like I said, much slower.  The most impressive attribute had to be when he went colossal, something only possible in his adult form.  He grew into a giant over 50 feet tall with almost the same amount of infinite strength, but he couldn’t fly and he did not have any exceptional speed.  However, he did cover a lot of ground in a single step.  In review, Jimmy’s powers changed depending on the form he took—child, adult, or colossal.
Eventually, they settled into a house of their own in Battle Creek, Michigan, where Jimmy would attend a regular school for the first time.  He and his dad tried to assume a life as ordinary as possible, fearing that one day Etyouth would catch up to them.  And when they did, Jimmy would display his powers in front of the whole world, dragging even me, his best friend Annie Marshall, into a dangerous, yet extraordinary adventure.  
So now that you all know a little bit about him, get ready for Jimmy to tell his story.  As for me, I've got better things to do.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Main characters

Here is a list of some of the more significant characters:

Jimmy Michael Miller--our 9-year-old protagonist; he is often riddled with guilt and self-doubt; wants to please others; wants people to believe he's smarter than he actually is.

Annie (Anastasia) Marie Marshall--Jimmy's best friend; also 9 years old; she can be manipulative and abrasive; survivor of significant physical abuse and neglect.

William McDonnell--Main antagonist; director of Etyouth and overly egotistical

Major Camp--Head of security for Etyouth; McDonnell's right-hand man

Betsy Shafer--Annie's grandmother and legal guardian

Colin Richard Stevens--Annie's 5-year-old half-brother; lacks a great deal of self-control; has a speech impediment that gets worse when he gets excited; survivor of physical abuse and neglect

Kathleen Stevens--Annie's and Colin's mother; recovering addict; lost all of her parental rights

Robert James Miller--Jimmy's father who is killed by Etyouth

Mikayla Jones--Annie's antagonistic classmate; bully

Marcus Julian Welborne--Jimmy's friend; Poster child for childhood obesity

Joey--Marcus' best friend

Susan Jane Miller--Jimmy's mother; died of ovarian cancer

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back cover teaser

Nine-year-old Jimmy Miller gains super human abilities after he is unknowingly fed experimental genetically-modified food by a government funded corporation called Etyouth. Determined to cover up their actions, Etyouth captures Jimmy...but he escapes!  Jimmy rushes to his home where he meets up with his best friend, 9-year-old Annie Marshall.  With his parents both dead, he must battle Etyouth to not only save himself and his friend...but the entire world!
This is the teaser on the back cover!