Sunday, July 24, 2016

New Works in Progress

Besides working on Book 3 of the Jimmy Miller series, I have two new stories I'm developing. One is a children's novel similar to age-level and word length as Magic Brain Shoes. In fact, it is set in the same town, same school, and same classroom as Magic Brain Shoes. So, it's happening in that world. It is not a sequel to Magic Brain Shoes. The main character is not all that connected to Alex Tyndall, the MC in Magic Brain Shoes. Alex does appear in this story, but only has a small role. He has very little impact on the plot. In this new novel, the main character is a girl. I have already finished the first draft of chapter 1. It should be around ten chapters and a 100 pages, give or take ten.

My other work is a more ambitious project. If you checked out my piece of flash fiction, The Comedian, on Wattpad, I'm taking that and expanding it into a novel. I will not be adding new chapters on Wattpad, since they will be rough drafts to the extreme. I don't quite know the direction of this new novel. I'm excited by some of the new characters I'm developing for it. The flash fiction piece is more an adult story. I'm not sure yet if this novel will be for young adults or an adult audience. It depends on how the story unravels.

I hope to have the new children's book ready by Christmas. I don't know how long the other will take me.

Have a great week!

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