Saturday, June 18, 2016

Flea Market Scene

Selling autographed copies of my books has been rather slow. I must say that both Crazy Adventures and Magic Brain Shoes are selling the best. The only flea market I've sold at this summer is Reits Flea Market in Paw Paw. However, starting in July, I'll be at the flea market in Shipshewana, Indiana in addition to the one in Michigan.

Of course, I haven't sold enough to make book writing and selling a career (yet)! All my sales have been cash. I've been eager to use PayPal Here because I can use my phone for it. It's like a toy. So far, no one this summer is willing to take on debt to purchase my books. Slowly, Jimmy Miller book 3 is churning. Anyway, I'm hoping to secure some other kind of employment besides substitute teaching. Although, substitute teaching isn't a bad job. I actually enjoy it. So, who knows, I may just stick to it and write on the side.

The Summer Solstice is almost here for us Northern Hemisphere folks. It's bittersweet because I like seeing the sun and having daylight early and later. I hate the dark days of winter. Anyway, have a good one. Whatever that means to you.

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