Thursday, July 18, 2013

Autism at Camp

What a difference not having my older son around makes!  He's at church camp until Saturday.  My younger boy spent fewer days because he wasn't old enough for a whole week.  Next year, he'll have finished third grade--the magic age of full-week-at-camp maturity.  

If my older child was home, I would be asked non-stop questions regarding the following:  garage door openers, iPhone 5's (and when I plan on getting it so I can use Siri), Windows Operating Systems (and current and past editions), fans of any kind, and old Viacom logos that had been flashed at the end of television shows before they became the giant conglomerate that they are now (he really likes these things and watches them repeatedly on YouTube).  He and his brother would argue as the younger one attempts to demand that he play with him.  Then there are the shows he must watch, or so he believes.  He scans our program guide as far advance as it will go so he will know if and when his favorite SpongeBob or Phineas and Ferb episodes will be on.  He memorizes this information.  Adherence to the tiniest routine in his day must be followed--or the world cannot go on.  At least his world.  Going to camp is such a deviant path off his strict daily schedule, I know it is a challenge for him.  Poor kid.

Wow.  It certainly is boring and relaxing without him.  I hope he's doing well at camp.  At least they have worked with him before--so they know what to do with him.  Since this is his third summer, he can just assimilate into the routine of the camp until the week is over.  The last two years I expected him to be a completely changed child, but he comes back just as autistic as when he left.


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  1. I remember an autistic kid when I lead a camp years ago. Everyone there worked really hard to make him part of the group. I assume this kid was a lot worse off than your kids because this kid couldn't communicate very well. Even though camp is tough for him I know they will work hard to make him one of the group. Enjoy your free time!