Friday, July 26, 2013

Doggie Poo

Having worked with young children, preschool age, I have had some nagging questions regarding certain series of children's books.  Number one set of questions:  Clifford the Big Red Dog
There's never any mention of Clifford "doing his business" and what actions are ever taken to deal with it.  Emily Elizabeth never keeps a pooper-scooper with her, so I'm guessing like any child, she shirks her responsibility in cleaning up after her dog.  So...

  • Who cleans up this shit?
  • How would anyone clean it up?  
  • Would a snowblower work on what I assume are giant piles of Clifford's crap? (If it does, wouldn't a snowblower just spray it in the air and just make the problem worse?)
  • Would the town of Birdwell Island have a water contamination crisis because of this shit?
  • What about the smell?
  • Does the town of Birdwell Island devote tax dollars for the task of the removal of Clifford's shit? (Being an American town, I doubt this would ever happen.)
Tune in for the next episode of the blog when I explore questions regarding The Magic School Bus.  If anyone has any resolutions to these never discussed Clifford dilemmas, please feel free to drop me a load...of comments, not excrement. 

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