Friday, July 12, 2013

A Close Encounter?

 Note:  at some future date, this blog will not just be about Jimmy Miller previews.  It’s my only published work, so for now it works. 


      When I was twelve, I went to bed one night, and in the morning I had a pair of marks on my left leg that I didn’t have before sleeping.  I had no memory of injuring the two areas in question.  Just above my knee I had a sudden scar that measured maybe one centimeter.  On the underside of my thigh a smaller one, perhaps two millimeters in diameter, was also present.  Ignoring these blemishes and believing they would fade away, I didn’t think about them that much.  A friend of mine had inquired about the scars later that day, and I was at a loss for an explanation.
         Thirty-two years passed and those same scars are just as visible today as they were when they first materialized.  My wife insisted that I get them examined by a doctor in the event it was something cancerous.  However, the physician reassured me the scars were benign.            
       On closer inspection the scar in close proximity to my knee shows a triangular discoloration under the skin.  There appears to be a foreign object imbedded there.  Now the other more diminutive scar is hexagonal.  How could something remain in my body without an infection or some kind of reaction from my immune system?  It is bizarre and quite intriguing.  In what manner did this item get into my leg?

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