Tuesday, July 9, 2013

By the Way

People can find me on Google+ and Facebook.  I have a personal and an author page.  The author page is where you can Like me and all that.  So...there's a variety of ways to connect.

When is your most creative time of day?  For me, it's in the morning right after a reasonable night's sleep and a few cups of coffee.  I can write at night, but my mind won't shut off when I try and sleep later on.  Then I don't sleep.  When I don't sleep enough, there goes a whole day without writing.  Bummer for me.

1 comment:

  1. It's at night for me, but I agree with not being able to sleep afterwards! If you are in the zone it's worth it. I can't do it in the morning because my 2.5 year old son is always crazy. Can't get up before him either. Plus mornings are evil.

    Oh yeah, you don't have a link to your Facebook up, so make sure you post this somewhere!