Thursday, July 4, 2013

Girl Superhero

In the story it's obvious that Jimmy Miller has super powers.  What I don't say on the book in hopes the reader will make this discovery is that his 9-year-old friend Annie Marshall has them, too.  Annie has some terrifying abilities that fortunately she uses for good.  She is somewhat temperamental, so she is likely to strike out in anger.  Jimmy and Annie have powers that they have together that they don't have separate.  Annie has to overcome her mother's struggle with drug and alcohol addiction.  This often charming, manipulative brunette had to deal with an abusive step-father and often living in life-threatening situations.  By all rights she should have more behavioral problems, but her friendship with Jimmy is such a positive influence that she is surprisingly resilient.  Her younger brother, however, has some issues.  Being the preteen that she is she has a crush on singing sensation, Jonathon Bubber. 

Annie is a champion for kids (or former kids) who have dealt their own history with abuse, neglectful parents, foster care, and even school bullying.  Too bad for that step-father who dared to return and attack this girl's mother...he'll never do it again!

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