Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Always a surprise

No matter what I have initially planned for my writing, I end up going a totally different direction.  Then I wonder how my  characters get into these situations.  Who's in control here?  Obviously, it was all me, but I can get so engrossed with my characters that I sometimes lose track of reality.  It's like dreaming while awake, although not the same as daydreaming.  Maybe it's those days I spent as a teenager playing Dungeons & Dragons.  

Having a Masters in Social Work I know really that it's all a matter of my unconscious.  It can be therapeutic to write creatively or do anything creatively.  What a way to unlock hidden memories or feelings (which you can't really separate the two)--it bypasses the conscious state which is often resistant to dredging up painful memories.  To protect us, of course.  However, it's important to make sure you are able to handle the negative emotions, especially in relation to psychological trauma.  If you're a creative person or someone who uses creative arts to get in touch with something painful and suddenly you can't handle it emotionally--seek professional help!

See, I never thought I would be leaving therapeutic advice when I first started this blog post.  

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