Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Princess...Really?

Girls sure have it easy, growing up that is.  Free to be themselves. As long as they're dressed nicely and are strawberry scented.  And they strive to be princesses with sophisticated social skills at a young age.  Why?  Because it's the only way for a girl to be adored and admired, and what girl wouldn't want that.   Doing anything else like not conforming to approved social skills (I'm talking in first grade, mind you!) just makes you...uncivilized.  In other words, it turns you into a boy, but none of the boys will accept you because they know you're really not one of them.'ll be isolated and alone. princess ever aspires to be boy-like. Maybe an exception can be made for sports, but don't push it! No one likes a girl who sweats too much.

Disney has taken some criticism for the princesses portrayed in their movies.  They may have progressed to a princess who isn't light skin or one hundred percent Caucasian.  Even the tough heroines such as Mulan in the end lays down her masculine lie and becomes more domesticated.  Don't bash Disney for this.  In their wisdom Disney has decided to pump up the self-esteem of girls by re-defining what a princess is and it's not just about turning yourself into Cinderella, Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty.  Now, to be a self-proclaimed princess, all you have to do is display the following traits:
  • Never be selfish
  • Always be articulate
  • Don't dress like a slob
  • Always be true to your word
  • Always be willing to give yourself to others
  • Always be happy
  • Never get mad and throw a fit!
  • Don't be like boys!  We've given up on making them perfect! (although, always be on the look-out for Prince Charming)
  • The thinner you are, the better.  
  • Always wear your hair long and well-kept. 
These are all traits of good character.  We only expect perfection from you girls!  You don't want life-long feelings of inadequacy, do you?  Of course, if you can't be a princess, at least you can strive to be a fairy.  It's like a princess, but you get a wand and wings.  Oh...and you still have to be perfect.

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