Monday, July 22, 2013

Risky Business

Amusement park accidents

After the accidents at the Texas Six Flags and Cedar Point I have to admit that I'm troubled.  Since I'm a roller coaster enthusiast and have frequented Cedar Point, it's worth noting that any time we go on any of these great, awesome rides, we are assuming some risk.  No matter how advanced safety technology becomes and how thorough of a safety check system, it's only a matter of time before something goes wrong.  Perhaps the odds are in the favor of safety, but we all know any one of else could go tumbling out of our seats.  Will it stop me from riding them?  Probably not.  The most dangerous thing about Cedar Point is simply driving there.

New Looks
I may be experimenting with different templates for this blog, so hopefully, no one gets confused.  Generally, I'm happy with the Plain Jane format, like I am with my coffee.  I am not a fan of coffee drinks or flavored coffee--I just like coffee-flavored coffee.  Black, fresh, & strong enough to keep the coffee tasting like hot water, and yet not so strong that I can't taste the subtle undertones of my cup of Joe.  However, perhaps in the case of Blogger, I'm missing out on easier to use formats.  

Parents' Nightmare
If you have children and you need child care, this story should serve as a warning.  Hopefully you live where day cares must be regulated.  The welfare of young children out-weigh the business needs of those who run these centers.  If you don't live where this is the case, I wish you and your children well.  Any state, such as in Arizona, that allows the exploitation of children by letting someone post pictures of them without parental consent and write libelous things against them makes me wonder--do you not love your children?  Toddlers and young children act aggressively because they haven't developed language skills yet and they are learning self-control.  Human beings are not born with these things.  Day care centers work with children for such a long period of time that they must work to develop these traits.   If we can't act to protect our young children from providers such as these, we are sunk as a nation.

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