Wednesday, August 28, 2013

GMB--Genetically Modified Blogger

I created a super hero and wrote about his adventures.  The premise for his powers was a maniacal corporation experimented on him by feeding him genetically modified food, which is commonly called GMO's.  The "O" standing for organism.  When I meet people and tell them about the story, GMO's become the biggest topic of conversation.  

At the time I started the story, I pondered long and hard about an original line of how my character developed his super powers.  As Jimmy's friend Marcus said, "All super heroes have a story.  What's yours?"  My mind raced.  Spider bite--taken; not-really-an-Earthling--been done; billionaire-with-too-much-time-on-his-hands--there's a couple of them, at least; god-like-being--really?; just-born-that-way-I-guess--that's been a thing for a while now.  So...I remembered some flack over something called genetically-modified food.  Being ignorant about where my food comes from (typical American?), I knew nothing about such a thing.  I did a quick scan on the Internet to see if it was a big enough issue for me to use as a premise.  Never did I even consider the actual corporations behind GMO's or what they really were.  All I had was enough to say, yes, this is just as viable a path to super hero status as some space alien entrusting some schmuck with unearthly technology (because these aliens never did their homework to truly find out about us.  I mean, look what we've done to this planet we're living on).

Anyway, Jimmy Miller is not necessarily a political statement for or against GMO's.  If it turns out that GMO's will eventually wipe out the entire food supply on the Earth, then put me down as against.  I don't know if it is or isn't a good thing.  However, nobody likes people tampering with their food.  It's like at Thanksgiving or Christmas when Crazy Aunt Suzie introduces a dish.  You eat it and sort of enjoy it.  Then, Crazy Aunt Suzie asks, "So, how did you like it?"  And you answer, "It was great."  Inevitably, she adds with a sly look, "Do you wanna know what I put in it?"  And you know it's going to be something you would never place in your mouth--something you regard as repulsive that she hid in this new casserole that she chose to experiment with you during the meal you have looked forward to all year.  It doesn't matter what it is.  She could have put in human flesh.  The idea that the meal had a secret ingredient that you ordinarily find abhorrent was in it and now you just ate it, well, how awful a predicament, right?  Foods with GMO's are kind of like this.

Now, about the evil corporation, Etyouth (pronounced et-youth), I did not in any way model this company after Monsanto.  Etyouth has nothing to do with the agricultural business.  They are more than just GMO's, too.  Well, so is Monsanto, but I'm sure Monsanto is not developing exo-skeletons, brain implants, cryogenics, or human body parts.  And Etyouth is evil...I mean, Monsanto isn't evil, right?  In no way is Etyouth anything like Monsanto.  I like Monsanto. Without them, there'd be no damn food.  So, let's give them some damn respect.

Well, this will in no way resolve the GMO debate.  However, tampering with some of these basic building blocks of life such as DNA...I don't know.  I do know, it is the stuff science fiction is made for.

Be good to yourselves.

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