Friday, August 30, 2013

Addendum to GMB (Genetically Modified Blogger) Post

Did I say I "liked" Monsanto?  Well...if "liked" means that if Monsanto one day usurps the entire world food supply and that I'm already groveling for my daily scraps (genetically modified, of course), then that's what it's all about.  Hey...go watch the Lionel Bart musical "Oliver!" to see as a training video.  Pay close attention to where our poor orphaned hero asks, "Please, sir, I want some more."  You might need this skill in order to get your food rations much like this unfortunate waif.  I wonder if genetically-modified gruel will end the obesity epidemic.  Hmm...

I am working on some more Kindle books to review.  They will be posted in the near future.  In the mean time I have some random thoughts.

Syria--to bomb or not to bomb.  Looks like us Americans are on our own with this one.  Sadly, the UK balked at this opportunity to join us on another crazy campaign to shape the world in our image. Consider Iraq.  It clearly is a better place for it.  Sort of.  (Come on, we did not leave it as some piece of shit hellish landscape.  That was somebody else.  I just can't think of who at the moment.) The UK doesn't even play baseball.  Can you balk in cricket?  Don't know.

Fracking and twerking--Finally, the U.S. is breaking out of its foreign oil dependency with the magic of twerking.  Or is it fracking?  It's the one that Miley Cyrus doesn't do.  After a quick Google search, it's definitely fracking. This is where we pump natural gas directly into a place of easy access--our taps.  You know, these are the faucets we use to get water.  We've all seen glimpses of those documentaries that show people igniting fires by lighting a match near running faucets.  Just don't light matches in your house and you'll be fine.  If you have carpeting, don't drag your feet during the winter, or else there'll be static and whoosh!  Twerking on the other hand, well, I guess your hand is involved in some way.  You have to rub your crotch to do it.  And then post-adolescent women bend their knees and drag their rear ends on Robin Thicke's leg or something like that. Then, they use the toilet, all that rubbing creates a static build up, a spark escapes, and then, bam!  They're on the Moon because of the gas that's accumulated from some fracking operation going on way below the ground.

Education--my kids are soon to be back in school the day after Labor Day.  In Michigan, students cannot start a new year until then.  You know...tourism.  My soon-to-be third grader's school put out a brochure touting some of their achievements last year in terms of student success as measured by the MAP and the MEAP standardized tests.  Every year the school loses more and more students--in fact, the whole district is in that boat.  I mean, Brayden's school has empty classrooms.  It's as if parents don't care about those test scores.  Parents are looking for educators who actually care about their children and are respectful to them.  There's a perception that this isn't the case.  Teachers are actually doing the best with their day so the state doesn't label them as ineffective.  I don't know...Brayden's school is okay.  With ridiculously tiny budgets, parents have to supplement whatever the schools can't afford to provide.  "Throwing money doesn't fix schools" is the mantra of governmental bean counters.  So, the solution--give them nothing.  If the schools don't perform well, the state comes and takes over.  Seriously, state take-overs of schools are almost an empty threat because how are they any better?  Stupid.

Well, everyone have a great holiday if you have one coming up.  For Americans it'll be Labor Day on Monday.  If you wanted to walk across the Mackinac Bridge, Monday's the day to do it.  You will be led by Michigan's governor, Rick Perry.  Hah, just kidding.  Rick Snyder.  I've never done it.  Maybe one day.

Be good to yourselves! 

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