Friday, August 9, 2013

Disappointing Dream

I just viewed a sample of Stephen King's Mile 81.  My original purpose was to browse through the book edition to Under the Dome (okay I have yet to read it or see the TV series) at least for Kindle.  Both seem to draw my attention.  Even though I still enjoy print editions more, Kindle versions are not that bad of an alternative. I do plan on placing Mile 81 on my things to read list.
Last night I had this dream where I visited a pool inside a community center in some unknown town.  However, I had a dream a long while back, maybe even a couple of years where I went to this same place.  Only there were water slides, gobs of kids and families.  Generally, my dreams are not the lucid kind.  I'm not aware that I'm dreaming at the time.  Typically, I only know they're dreams upon awakening, but during them they are quite vivid.  A part of my mind must know I'm dreaming because I resist leaving them.  Sometimes I wonder if I am transported to another parallel universe at night.  However, I'm sure my wife would say something if I suddenly vanished from my bed.

Anyway, in the pool dream the sequel the slides were gone.  Hardly anyone was in the water, except a few kids who knew how to make the most fun out of anything.  I wondered what happened to the place because it was once so bustling.  If this lack of recreational seekers continued, inevitably it would close. What grief arose in me simply from this noting how this venue appeared to be dying. I longed for happier times.

How many other fiction writers, particularly those who lean towards science fiction and fantasy, have such gripping visions like these while they sleep?  

Well, time for bed.  I hope I can slip into another dream and one with a positive ending.

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