Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday Flashback, Saturday Version

Instead of some review (and I do have more on the way) or anything profound, I thought I would review some highlights of the week.

On Monday, August 12th:
It was a rainy, stormy day.  Trimmed two tree branches overhanging the driveway.  I had the morning to myself.  One child was at Cub Scout Camp, the other at a youth mission project, and my wife volunteered at our church's VBS.  Worked on my outline for Chapter 17 for Book 2. Trapped evil sorcerer inside a mirror.

On Tuesday, August 13th:
Rain had finally ended.  Did some housework while having the house to myself. With my older son's help, I moved garbage, recycling, and yard waste to the curb at my wife's grandmother's house in preparation for an estate sale.  Did not do as much writing as I had hoped.  In the evening, the family went to pick up our younger son from Cub Scout Camp. Asked evil sorcerer if he thought the Tigers would go and win the World Series.

On Wednesday, August 14th:
Wrote more than expected in Chapter 17 and strayed from my outline, but not by much. I still had the house to myself in the morning. Mowed the front lawn of my wife's grandmother's house and moved furniture around.  The sorcerer refused to tell me anything unless I released him from the mirror.

On Thursday, August 15th:
Once again I had the house to myself in the morning.  Yes, I wrote even more in Chapter 17 (it has nothing to do with sorcery).  My autistic son had an issue with his youth group mission project, so I talked to the leader over the phone and helped her to help my son overcome the issue.  Mowed the back lawn of my wife's grandmother's house now that the bees' nest is dug out of the ground.  I trimmed a rose bush and whacked some weeds.  Ran on my treadmill. Went out to eat for dinner.  Asked the sorcerer if the Lions would go on and win the Super Bowl this season.  He said, "I'm a sorcerer, not a miracle worker." I scolded him for being a cynic.

On Friday, August 16th:
I had less time in the morning to myself. I had to drive my boys to their church programs, unlike the previous mornings.  Had little time to write, but I moved the plot along and left my protagonist in a "cliff-hanger" that didn't have much to do with a cliff. Made preparations for my flea market book sell and signing event.  Hung out with my wife as the estate sale at her grandmother's home was underway. I sold the mirror with the sorcerer stuck inside to some unsuspecting sap at the estate sale.  Shh!  Don't say a word.

On Saturday, August 17th:
Sold four books at the flea market in Kalamazoo. Picked up my boys from the estate sale.  Ran on the treadmill.

Well, that's enough for now.  Like books with lots of action, adventure, and a roller-coaster emotional thrill ride, click the link for Book 1 of Jimmy Miller the Super Powerful.  Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, this blog, or any combination of the four.  Be good to yourselves.     

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  1. It was very entertaining reading about you and that wizard! And you never know what'll be for sale at estate sales... ;)