Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Review Promised...A Review Made

I have yet to submit a formal review to Amazon, but here is a brief look at Escape from the Hidden Planet by Julie Anne Grasso, Kindle edition.  

This isn't just another middle-grade children's fantasy book about elves--it is a story involving elves that actually inhabitant an entire planet named Cardamom.   Our chief protagonist is Caramel Cinnamon, granddaughter of the King and Queen of the Elvin world.  While on another planet dwells a race of clones, who cleverly are all named Alexander, using numbers to distinguish each other.  One ambitious Alexander discovers that the Elvin world of Cardamom is ripe with a source of long-lasting energy that can be used to power many technological devices.  He hatches a diabolical plan that will radically change the lives of the Elves, exploiting them as a source of labor that only serves his greedy and power-hungry agenda.  

I thought the Kindle layout was well-done and not too buggy.  Grasso spends the first part of the book immersing the reader into the lives of these environmentally-friendly creatures.  I felt as if I could step out of my house and the Elves would be right there.  My eight-year-old son enjoyed the story and didn't mind that the main character was a girl.  He liked the humor, the imaginary devices, and the often optimistic characters.  So, Grasso knows how to entertain kids (and kids at heart) with words and language that also comes with a positive message that friendship, perseverance, and a positive attitude can overcome great obstacles.  Brayden and I are looking forward to delving into the second book in this series, Return to Cardamom, already waiting in our Kindle library.

I do have a link to Grasso's blog (in the links section, which I still have more to add) where she can tell you how to get your hands on a copy.  You'll love it, your kids or kids you know will love it, and be sure to follow her on her blog, on Twitter, and even on Facebook so you can keep up with whatever she's cooking up next. 

So, be good to yourselves, blog readers.  Until next time...


  1. Caramel Cinnamon- what a name! Now I must go bake something... Thanks for the story rec!

  2. Julie Anne Grasso is having a book giveaway involving books 1 & 2. Details on her blog.