Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fantasy or Devil Worship?

Monday I was out selling copies of Jimmy Miller the Super Powerful: Forecast Acid Rain and signing them.  I also sold bookmarks for free, but some people may call this a giveaway.  One lady saw my book, heard my synopsis, and concluded--"Oh, it's like Harry Potter."  I cringed at the analysis for many reasons, but namely because Jimmy is not even close to Harry.  I anticipated this reaction as an unavoidable hazard and why I originally did not wish to write a story with a male child protagonistSooner or later someone would compare it to Harry just because that ridiculously successful wizard casts a huge shadow.

The woman than went on to bash Harry Potter due to the fact that he deals with magic and of course, this is a recipe to draw the reader into devil worship.  High priestess, J.K. Rowling, had an ultimate plan to bring this type of religion to the masses, you see.  I'm not sure what the statistics are for any reader and/or watcher of any of the Harry Potter books and/or movies, but I know the numbers of people influenced into the occult by this franchise is next to zero.  I am a Christian who read and saw Harry Potter and I am still a Christian.  Like the Wizard of Oz I consider Harry a work of fiction and make-believe.  

She feared that Jimmy Miller had this same introduction to magic.  There are considerable differences between Jimmy and Harry.  Jimmy is not a wizard and never will be.  Jimmy is very American as opposed to British.  Jimmy, along with his female cohort Annie Marshall, has more in common with the likes of Spiderman, X-Men, Avengers, the Fantastic Four and Superman. He has super powers, and everyone knows super powers are not evil.  Right? Yes, Annie has mind powers.  Not because magic, but due to some other force that turned her brain into a powerful weapon.  There are no spells and no calls to turn anyone away from their faith.  She even sings in a children's choir in her church, so...c'mon.  

One thing that Harry and Jimmy both have in common is that they are fictional.  They do not exist.  Unfortunately, people do not have super powers or wizardry magic in real life.  Can't we at least imagine?  Can't kids pretend?  This will not lead to a life of occult involvement as long as they stay rooted to their faith and that really depends on their parents and how willing they are to encourage their kids.

So, I'm done with my rant.  Remember, fantasy does not equal devil worship.  Stay well my friends. 

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