Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ta-Da...Same Blog, New Name

As promised, the title of this blog has changed.  My description already underwent a metamorphosis.  Why?  Why make such a move?  I already answered that question in the previous post.  I will have more reviews coming up...more excerpts...and yes, even opportunities to get your hands on a free signed copy of the paperback version of my first published work, Jimmy Miller the Super Powerful: Forecast Acid Rain.  It's science fiction for the young adult reader (ages 12 up) and for the young adult reader at heart.  Blow 'em up action is what you get as you follow the adventures of our 9-year-old boy hero and his super powered 9-year-old girlfriend (okay, she does not acknowledge any such relationship.  They are just friends in her mind).  Hey, why do kids have to have boring, placid stuff to read?  Why is it no one bats an eye when kids go to a movie and watch this kind of violence or play it in some video game console, but oh my word, you put it in book format, and that's all wrong?

Details of the contest is still forthcoming.  Stay tuned.  

A word about Jimmy's friend, Annie.  She only has crushes on athletic-looking boys and Jimmy just doesn't fit that image.  He's a puppy in her eyes.  Not only that, but she has a huge, huge infatuation with pre-teen singing sensation, Jonathon Bubber.  Read how she hacks onto his secured fan website and downloads an exclusive preview of his latest hit.  

I hope you enjoy this new layout for this blog.  Remember, reading super powerful writing is best absorbed in a state of relaxation and a beverage of your choice. If you can't wait for the contest to start, feel free to snatch up an ebook copy in either Kindle or Nook formats for only $3.00 (well, $2.99 to be exact).  There should be a link along the side panel of this blog.  It may not show up in the mobile format, so see if you can switch views.  You can just Google the book title and that'll take you to where you need to go if all else fail.  Isn't that why Google exists in the first place?

Be good to yourselves.

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