Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One Fantasy Story...One Reviewer

Today, I review Bad Sister, Good Sister from the Heart of the Staff series by Carol Marrs Phipps and Tom Phipps. Oh, do you need time to get your beverage of choice?  Go ahead...I can wait.  Don't mind the Jeopardy music.

Are you all set?  Do you have something to eat with your beverage of choice?  Can I suggest toast, an English muffin, or a scone?  Yes, one doughnut won't kill you, but you can always cut in half and save the other half for tomorrow.  Whatever you want to do.  

Now, are you ready?  Great.

A quick synopsis:
When a deadly plague threatens to spread through the land of Niarg and beyond, Razzmorten, a good but powerful wizard, sets off to find a cure.  Meanwhile, his two daughters, Minuet and Ugleeuh, stay behind at home, tending to the hired help and awaiting their father's return.  Minuet is a do-gooder by nature, but Ugleeuh is a self-centered, wicked trouble-maker.  Ugleeuh leaves her father's home to live with her evil uncle Razzorbauch, who is her father's twin brother and a powerful wizard in his own right.  Together they set off on a money-making venture to traffic a highly, addictive substance, akin to to meth or crack in the real world.  When an anti-drug campaign threatens to halt their business, Ugleeuh and Razzorbauch hatch a scheme to thwart the effort, even attempting to bring down the monarchy of Niarg in the process.

My review:
With plenty of wizard action, elves, dragons, and unicorns, this story has all the elements fantasy lovers crave.  The imagery the authors use are so mind-blowing, I felt like I was inside it all.  Although the story is delightful, The Kindle version was considerably full of bugs.  The paragraphs had no indentations and I would flip the "page" only to find a duplicate of the one I just read.  The story itself is worth five stars, but the reader may want to get it in a different ebook format or get a hard copy.

Well, that's it.  You probably still have your coffee (or beverage of choice) and your treat.  Spend time enjoying them.  Feel free to read any previous posts while you're finishing up.  My next post, which will be this Friday, so far has yet to be determined.  It could be about how to prepare for Obamacare, but for my international readers, that would be kind of boring.  Besides, that post would be short--I have no idea how to prepare.  And, it depends if you think it's the greatest thing in American health care or it signals that the end times are here.

Anyway, don't fret about Obamacare now.  For now, read more fantasy or science fiction like Good Sister, Bad Sister and disassociate from reality for a brief moment--just not to the point where it's classified as a mental disorder in the DSM-V.  Be good to yourselves.

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