Monday, June 29, 2015

In the Know

To keep all of you informed, I must point out that I had temporarily removed the links to the Paperback versions of Books 1 & 2. I'm still getting the new covers to update and it is taking longer than anticipated. Once the books with the new covers are listed on Amazon, I will bring back the links. 

Now that it's summer, the TV is tuned to kid channels more often. I must say, the Kool-Aid commercials are truly disturbing. Quirky humor might be the popular things nowadays, but is it really needed for something such as Kool-Aid? I had to vent about this. Why not whine about it here?

I finally got around to picking up Earth Awakens by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston. It's the third book in a prequel series to Ender's Game. I spotted a homophone error. It was a "then" vs. "than" error. Remember, "than" is for contrast and comparison, not for sequence. It's professionally edited. So, this is proof that traditionally published books are not always error-free. It's still a good book, though.

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