Friday, July 3, 2015

Ample Avoidance

Being a super powerful writer means not following the crowd, regardless if it's marketable or not. The following is a list of things I avoid, although it may ruin sales.

  • I avoid stories involving zombies and vampires. These have been so overdone. 
  • I avoid dark fiction that is dark, but doesn't really have a point. Dark fiction should be dark for a reason other than "let's be dark, even if the plot suffers."
  • I avoid foul language in my writing. Since I was nine, I fell into the swearing habit. I thought I was being more grown-up. Only, it led to a lifetime of cursing. I think going through life never swearing is crazy. Life just brings the worst out of a person. However, swearing like a sailor isn't necessary. If I use foul language, I try and be purposeful. So, kids, just avoid this nasty habit.
  • I avoid erotic language or sexual content. Since much of my writing is geared towards the young and young at heart, I try and keep it clean.
  • I avoid politics. Politics...who needs 'em?
Well, that's it. Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans! Happy weekend to all!

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