Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Pricing

Soon after the free ebook promotion is over, Books 1 & 2 will be available for 99 Cents each for the rest of the summer.

I hope your summer is going well, so far. Rainy and cool here in the Cereal City. Soggy, like a bowl of...well, you know. Last weekend I had been in this large city called Chicago with the Battle Creek Boychoir. My sons sing in it and went on tour. Here in Battle Creek if you want a taxi, you must call them on a phone or something. In Chicago, you only have to wave. But, we went on a charter bus everywhere, so a taxi was not even needed. My boys sampled one of the city parks in Chicago near the Water Tower Place, a seven-story mall. In conclusion, Chicago is a great large city. They were celebrating Donald Trump's exciting presidential campaign by slapping his name on one of the skyscrapers. I never realized Chicago was so into Trump. And, they were also celebrating the winning of the Stanley Cup by the Chicago Blackhawks. It's an ice hockey thing.

Well, continue to embrace your summer. If you had read my Doomsday post, we only have three months...maybe, possibly, or maybe not. Maybe we have longer. Who knows? This is the Super Powerful Author signing off.

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