Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Super Powerful Summer

My kids are out of school. It's light when I wake up and birds do what birds do. They are quite noisy, but it's a good kind of noise. Hearing birds in the morning, drinking my coffee, is so relaxing. I've been reading the prequel series to Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. The prequels were written by Card and a movie screenwriter, Aaron Johnston. I'm on the second book titled Earth Afire. Card and Johnston think much like me. I'm surprised at how the characters are developed. Anyway, it's a nice read for science fiction fans. Although, for a book written by a well-known, established author and professionally edited by a traditional publisher, I've caught some errors that should have been obvious. The continuity is solid, but there are some typos and I think I came across a homonym error. Most readers would probably not even catch them. If the story is engaging, like this one is, it's easy to skip over such errors.

At my last flea market, I sold three books, one of each title. I've become more conservative in handing out bookmarks. I only give them out to those who actually browse the books. Not an aggressive strategy, but who wants a pushy sales person.

A note concerning the covers of my books: They are not professionally done for one good reason--I don't have enough money. So, I did them myself. If only I had enough...I've considered doing a GoFundMe page, but it's not really a charity. I read where the cover art is vitally important. I hesitate to pick up books with breathtaking art work. What if the story on the inside doesn't live up to the art work? Perhaps breathtaking art is important to picture books. I don't know...for novels?

Every post, I keep saying, I'm so close to finishing revising the manuscript to my children's novel (well, more like a novelette). I'm happy to report that--I'm so close to finishing revising the manuscript to my children's novel.

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy your summer, eat lots of hot dogs and ice cream, and pretend none of it causes cancer or diabetes. I have no idea if hot dogs and ice cream cause cancer or diabetes, but eat them with care and at your own risk.

Be good to yourselves!

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