Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Long Haul

The good news is that the ebook versions of Book 1 and 2 of Jimmy Miller the Super Powerful have both sold a few copies. Between 25 and 30 copies of Book 2 have sold, while Book 1 had between 35 and 40 sold. It's a good start for a self-published title with virtually no marketing, at least not on a large scale. Hopefully, readers will leave reviews with Amazon. Since the end of the free promotion periods for each book, there have been no further purchases. They have a long ways to go before becoming best sellers.

I'm making good progress on a novel for children. It's right on the fine line between early chapter book and middle-grade fiction. This work will have under a hundred pages and 20,000 words. Self-publishing it is out of the question because it requires a level of illustration that is beyond my capabilities. When I did the illustrations for Crazy Adventures, I only did so because I meant it to be an anthology of short stories. I needed a place to store them besides this blog, so I didn't need the illustrations to be professional. My new children's story, though, will not work with me doing the illustrations. Therefore, once I have the manuscript edited, I will seek out a literary agent and get it traditionally published. They can find the right illustrator for it, I'm sure.

Very soon, I'll begin working on Book 3 of Jimmy Miller. I have another rough draft of a novel I finished for NaNoWriMo month. It's a very dark tale for teens. I'm almost afraid of unleashing it into the world. Yes, I'm afraid of my own fiction. Like in Stephen King's The Dark Half in which a writer's fictional character comes to life and...you can only imagine the chaos. If I do go forward with it, I will seek traditional publication for it. 

Finally, I've put an outline together for a Christian novel. My vision is for it to be primarily for Christian readers and for those of the faith. However, people outside of the Christian faith will be welcome to read it, too. It's a daunting task because I don't want the Christian faith to simply be a substitute for magic. So, it won't be a fantasy or science fiction work.

Well, that's it for now. This concludes this super powerful update. Be awesome to yourself and to others.

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