Friday, March 13, 2015


One of my favorite activities is dreaming. Inherently, sleeping is a big part of it. My dreams are vivid and I often can't tell that they are just dreams at the time. They can be exciting, weird, but never scary. As much as I think I'll remember them, as soon as I wake, I forget most of them. I can recall only bits and pieces. This type of dreaming is better than daydreaming because I never know what's coming.

Obviously, dreams are coming from somewhere. If they are from God and are meant to be visions, then I hope He can help me remember them. The source of my dreams are most likely from my unconscious. I'm surprised I have no nightmares since I had a nightmarish childhood at times. My mind is often preoccupied with plenty of worries. I know, I shouldn't worry about anything, but pray about everything. If only I had the spiritual strength to live this out. So, I'll stop calling them worries, but anxieties. See...I'm not worrying, I just have a lot of anxiety. (Really, though, it's worry.)

When I write fiction, much of it is done with a great deal of free association, a Freudian concept. I try to let my unconscious come out and give me dreams that I can write down and remember. Then, I tailor them in hopes others might enjoy these same "dreams." I try to get my worries down, too. In the Jimmy Miller series my worries are deeply embedded in it. 

There are plenty of worries for me. I did have a previous post where I listed my fears. Well, fears are worries and worries are fears. Here's a list of current worries (not an exhaustive list, mind you):

  • Will Russia engage in a sneak nuclear attack on the U.S. and our allies? Is there another "reset" button?
  • Is Netanyahu right about Iran? Can anyone really stop them from getting the Bomb? Is he the Winston Churchill in all of this?
  • Am I being abducted by aliens at night and could that explain my vivid dreams? If so, how are they getting in?
  • Will I ever pay off my student loans?
  • Can my son with autism lead a life of independence?
  • Will the world ever run out of coffee? I mean, good coffee?
  • Will America stop voting for village idiots, also known as Republicans and Democrats?
Well, there you go. I hope this helps with my anxiety. Have a great, worry free weekend everyone!

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