Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jimmy Miller updates

After a long process of revising and editing, Book 1 of Jimmy Miller the Super Powerful is now available. It is the third revision. I'm still working on the Library of Congress Number for it, but I want to purchase my own ISBN for that purpose. I know it's not a requirement for the Library of Congress Number, but I'd like to secure one in the name of Etyouth Publishing. The third edition is a CreateSpace ISBN because the price was right. Once I can get enough funds, I will purchase an Etyouth owned ISBN.

Revising and editing had consumed my life. I had no time for anything. In order to make sure Book 1 would have continuity with Book 2, this was a necessary evil. So, I neglected a great deal. This blog, Twitter, and my author Facebook page. Plus, I was in a church musical, so my time just was elsewhere. My apologies to all of you who had no super powerful things to read with your coffee.

I've made some major revisions in some of the chapters in Book 1. Chapter 13 is now titled Taken as opposed to Kidnapped, so no one thinks I have a Robert Louis Stevenson complex. (And no, my coffee drinking habit is not turning me into Mr. Hyde!) Eventually, I'll post some of the big changes. My revision efforts reduced the length of the book by 12 pages and is now only 10.99, but usually Amazon offers deals. However, I did raise the price of the Kindle edition to 2.99. The extended Christmas price is now over. I may discontinue the Nook version, but there are still those out there who have those devices. However, until I do, I will raise the price to 2.99. I'm still working on the development of an ebook for iPad and the Apple crowd. Check out the links along the side panels of this blog.

Book 2, Jimmy Miller the Super Powerful: the Wo-Ha-Li is now my main focus in getting it finished, edited, revised, and tested. I hope to publish by the end of the summer. This is when I hope to purchase an ISBN for Book 1 and Book 2 and release both together.  Well, I anticipate more blogging time. Bye for now.

Be good to yourselves!

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