Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Super Powerful Greetings

Okay...I've been editing and revising, which if you are a writer, is a lengthy process. Another thing I've done is establish myself as my own publishing company. My plan is to begin purchasing my own ISBN numbers and place the publishing company name and location on the title pages. This will give me the freedom to find sources that can print hardback versions of my books. I am the exclusive publisher of my books...for now. Plus, I'll file for a Library of Congress number on both of them.

In other news:
  • My wife and I bought a new car. A Ford Edge SE.
  • My coffee addiction is going strong with no let up in sight
  • Our house is getting our bathrooms a makeover. We hired a contractor because if I did it, it would be a thing of horror
  • Not only had a battled a cold, but now my seasonal allergies. I always appreciate spring with the exception of the effects from the pollen in the air.
  • I am revising book 1 of Jimmy Miller to be more in line with events in book 2. I know stuff that no one else knows. I can't believe all that's happened to my favorite fictional preteen duo. Also, I've reduced much of the wordiness and took out the split infinitives in the narration. I happen to completely enjoy split infinitives. one consulted me when they devised the English Americanized language. Or is it Americanized English language.
  • I'm hoping to get an Indiegogo or other crowdsourcing campaign to build my little publishing company.
Well, that's all for now. I haven't posted in a while and I didn't want anyone thinking I died. I still am offering a first draft edition of Crazy Adventures on Ebay. Only 99 cents plus shipping and handling.
Be good to yourselves!

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