Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Now, the Revision

Okay, I have ten stories to be compiled, but now come the editing and who knows how many revisions.  Most importantly, I have to make sure they are geared towards kids.  There are some sentences that are way beyond elementary reading levels.  If you have been reading any of the short stories, the ones for kids that is, you have not been reading edited versions.  Here's the list of stories that will go into the compilation:

  • Suzie and the Little Man--I altered it slightly to be more appropriate for young readers; this is where the girl in the story turned out to be the very witch that shrunk poor Gordon.
  • The Snowball That Ate Recess--Where a snowball built by two ambitious third graders, get smashed by some fifth graders, and swallows all the kids on the playground, but melts along the way.
  • Food Chase--A hot dog comes to life and runs away all due to a lack of ketchup.
  • Those Youngling Varmints--A preteen girl and her younger brother find their downstairs shower transformed into a fantastic paradise filled with Cyclops-people.  Human children have terrible powers in this magical world.
  • Playing with Slugs--Life-size slug-aliens take a slug-loving fourth grader and his fifth grade sister.  They play a game which ends with our heroes getting chased by giant scorpions.
  • Fluffy--A 9-year-old boy's pet morphs into a giant while he's visiting his father.
  • The Cupid Effect--A third grader makes a wish that a boy she has a crush on would fall in love with her if he wears a necklace she made for him.
  • Flushed!--A fifth grade kid falls down his toilet into the land of the Bweebles where he is believed to be a king who will help save them from enslavement from a ruthless people.  By far, the longest of the stories.
  • Crazy Slumber Parties--A ten-year-old girl's birthday slumber party turns scary when a wooden figurine comes to life and is determined to feed his pet with one of them.
  • Time Marches On--A third grader and her brother leaves in her grandfather's time machine in hopes to prevent her from breaking her arm when she was six-years-old.
My son Brayden is helping by reading them and giving me his unforgiving critique.  Well, I'm still finishing book 2 of Jimmy Miller the Super Powerful.  I'm excited by how it's ending, except it's not really ending until book 3, but I like how book 2 is coming to a close. 

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