Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wisdom of the Super Powerful Kind

I will hopefully have a new story running next post.  A new one has begun, but I had an incident with my snow blower and attempted to fix it myself.  I did fix the problem, sort of.  The pull cord ripped when I went to test it earlier this afternoon.  We have new snow coming and I didn't want to shovel like I did during the polar vortex thing.  Now, the shut off key is not always shutting the blower off.  I took the recoil unit into a hardware store, bought a new cord, and they set it for me.  I got the unit off the blower, but had awful time attaching it back on.  To do it I disconnected the shut off key power unit and when I reconnected it, I did something to it.  If it clears the snow and I can get it to stop, especially for refueling, that would be all I need.  The snow we're getting will probably be heavy and wet, so the worst type to shovel.

Needless to say, my story writing was put on temporary hold.  I should resume tomorrow.

Here are some words of wisdom from your super powerful author:

  • Don't be stupid by arguing with the stupid
  • Genies are impossible to find when you need them
  • Dragons may seem like nice pets, but cleaning up after them really sucks
  • If turned into a frog, one should never wear pants
  • Try reading Green Eggs and Ham to your child if you're unsure how to teach her.
  • Eating green eggs and ham may give you food poisoning
  • Don't let your dream die by doing something idiotic
  • Nude selfies are normally a bad idea if your hair is a mess
  • Walking on hot coals isn't necessary for self improvement or to roast marshmallows, so maybe use a stick
  • Getting on a plane is suicide, but getting inside is a far safer strategy.

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