Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Better Late Than Never

I know, I know...I post every Tuesday and Friday.  You know, I'm doing the NaNoWriMo thing.  My novel is coming along just fine.  I'm at a point where it's hard for me to stop writing.  However, I force myself to take breaks and connect with the real world every now and then.  Yesterday, though, I just ran out of time to tend to the blog.  I'm not neglecting it, but this month it may be like this.  So, I'm posting today on Wednesday.

My need to finish this NaNoWriMo novel is in great part due to a threat that I gave myself--finish by Thanksgiving Day or no pumpkin pie.  So, to avoid this terrible self-imposed punishment, I am being diligent.  The 28th is Thanksgiving, and I think it's a reasonable deadline so I can give a quick, once over edit.  Currently, the novel is titled Ruthie, but the NaNoWriMo website won't keep track of word counts unless there's something there to edit.  As you know, the title could change and so could the synopsis.

An extremely brief bit of flash fiction; Bath Time:
Judy was determined to give her dog a bath, but Bella was not having any of it.  No matter how Judy commanded in her "I'm the master" voice, the lab just pranced around, panting, appearing to almost laugh at her in sport.  Finally, worn out from Bella giving her the slip, Judy caught the dog by the collar and lifted the fifty pound canine up off the floor.  Bella didn't protest and enjoyed the brief moment of being carried by her human, in fact she gave Judy a few dog-lick kisses.  Hauling the pooch up to the top of the steps to the second floor bathroom, Judy had nearly succeeded in setting Bella into the water.  As soon as she let the dog drop, she heard a high pitched yelp.

"Mom!" Judy realized her son Daniel was in the tub taking his nightly bath.

"Oh, sorry, honey.  I didn't set the bath water for you, but for Bella.  I didn't even know you were there."  The dog and the boy both sat up.  Bella licked Daniel's face and he giggled.

Daniel asked, "Well, then can we both share the bath?"

Judy answered the blonde six-year-old, "That wouldn't be good.  You'll get dog hair all over you."  This was already the case with Daniel's arms covered with it.  "Why don't you go downstairs and take a shower instead?"

Daniel left the bathtub, dried himself off, trying to scrub as much of Bella off of him as he could, and he wrapped himself up at the waist and headed towards the basement to take the shower his mom suggested.  Bella barked after Daniel as he scuttled away from her sight.  

Just as Judy poured the special dog coat shampoo and readied the scrub brush, Bella suddenly bolted out of the water, taking a puddle's worth with her, splattered it all over the linoleum, and followed after Daniel, barking the whole way.

"Oh no you don't, Bella."  Judy chased after her, but the dog had a four-leg advantage.  She found the shower room with the water running, and saw both Bella and Daniel behind the glass door, distorted images from the pattern on the door.  When Judy opened the door, she found her boy graciously sharing his raspberry scented body wash with Bella, and spraying her down with the hand-held shower head.

Judy just slapped her forehead and laughed at the sight of this wet, clothes-less child determined to clean the family pet.  Daniel smiled up at her.  "See, Mom, we can at least share a shower."  Judy gave up.  Her son was covered with dog hair from his neck to his feet, even more than when he was in the bathtub with the animal.

She shook her head and said, "A raspberry scented dog.  Nice Job, Daniel."  Then, she turned to go upstairs to let all her friends know what had happened.  On her Friendface Plus Page, she wrote, "This is what happens when you mix children and pets." And then, she proceeded to write what all happened.

Well, be good to yourselves.

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