Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Quick Check In

As of now I have written 20357 words to my NaNoWriMo novel.  My time has been infringed upon by the passing of my wife's grandmother.  So...we had to deal with that, plus a funeral and such today, Saturday.  My schedule is a bit off.  My novel is coming along and is great fun to write, but definitely work.  Due to the death in the family, I placed my other works on hold, including finishing book 2 of the Jimmy Miller the Super Powerful series.  

Sorry for the extremely brief post, but I wanted to connect with you, super powerful blog readers.  
Briefest flash fiction story yet:

Once upon a time there was an invasion of the Earth by an alien species.  I found their one weakness--they were scared to death of Pillow Pets.  So, I gathered as many as I could legally obtain, and I threw them all at the aliens.  They've never come back.  The End.

Be good to yourselves!

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  1. Wow! 20,000 words? You're doing amazing! I think you'll be a winner, no prob.