Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Shutdown Day!

Alright...does everyone have his or her coffee ready (or beverage of your choice)?  What about a little treat?  Remember, this super powerful blog is a cyber coffee break to give you a pause...a chance to catch your breath. And to recharge yourself with all that caffeine goodness.  

Shutdown Business
I hate days like this.  It reminds me of how difficult being a fiction writer is.  We can't compete with the real world.  Fantasy writers may have an advantage because they just stay out of all that real world crap.  Everyone else, I don't know.  Consider Congress alone.  The members of Congress are such colorful characters, some of whom are hard to believe are not a work of someone's imagination.  That Ted Cruz guy--wow, what fun is he.  Whether you think everything he says is the equivalent of donkey droppings, it's hard to ignore him (just like you can't ignore donkey droppings if you step in it).  If only he had his own theme song...

Unlike other democracies that allow their prime minister or whatever his or her title to suspend parliament and just get them out of the way, our president can't do that (I have really no idea if this is how parliamentary democracy works, I just made it up).  He can't just say, "Screw John Boehner, I'll just suspend him and all of Congress." And then, just do whatever he wants from there.  We have a Constitution that has all these possibilities for extreme gridlock.  I think our Founding Fathers intentionally made governing deliberately difficult just to mess with us. 

"Hey, Ben (snickering), what do you think of these 'checks and balances'?"
"I love it, James.  It'll be a miracle if they accomplish anything."
"How do like this one about the President leaving feces on the front step of the Speaker's home? (more snickering)."
"I think that's going a little too far.  I think the veto thing is enough."

My own business
I am working on some more books to review.  I just have to read them first.  My fantasy horror short story I will be posting on Wattpad in the near future--definitely before Halloween.  Well, I'll see you all on Friday when I will have something to blog on and on about.  I need something to rage about, but what?  Okay, until then, be good to yourselves.  

P.S.  Jimmy Miller the Super Powerful: Forecast Acid Rain is the perfect gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, Columbus Day, birthdays, and Halloween (at least it could give you costume ideas).  Why wait, get it today!

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