Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Super Powerful Life

Being a super powerful writer is quite the daunting career. It's about being a super powerful marketer or marketeer, which I'm really not. Unlike so many good marketers (marketeers), I'm not gifted with the ability to strike up a conversation with just anyone. You have to be a good conversationalist. Conversations are stressful for me. They make me anxious. I don't always know what to say or have a clue of what not to say. People are often easily offended. Also, good marketing has a money component that I just do not have at the moment. Word of mouth is basically my big strategy. Many of you are tremendous conversationalists.

I maintain this blog to offer entertainment as you sip your coffee. Maybe you're on a break from work or something. Also, you can keep up with my progression as an obscure author to hopefully something more than that. Then, you can say, "Hey, that guy there. I remember when no one ever heard of him. Now look at him, Mr. Big Shot author." Let me assure you, I plan on doing this blog no matter how successful I get. I just hope nuclear war doesn't break out in the meantime. Everyone...just put the nukes down and settle this over a cup of coffee.

Well, that's it for now. I had a third point, but I forgot what it was. Hey, any help you can provide to spread the word about my blog and my books is certainly appreciated. A starving writer (okay, I'm not literally starving) is what I am for now. You can make a difference!

Be wonderful to yourself! Despite the evil in our world, remember, there still is good in it. Always search for it. 

I should note how best to leave a comment here, if you're moved to do so. I don't allow anonymous comments, but the next best thing is to click Open I.D. and then you just type whatever name you wish to put in there. At least, I think that's how it works. I've done it on other Blogger Blogs. Believe me, I'm a big supporter of free speech...except for those deliberate trolls out there. I do scan for trolls. Being negative is not the same thing as trolling.

If you like me on my author Facebook page, you can also comment there. Or follow on Twitter. I do try and keep up with Google +, but my mind can only handle so much social media.

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