Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Son's Minecraft Story, Part 1

My son Brayden wrote this in third grade. It's a Minecraft fan fiction story based on the popular game that I have yet to understand. I'll add more chapters in other posts.

Lost in Minecraft

Chapter 1: Herobrine

One summer day in Minecraftia, I was mining some diamonds with my friends Jaden and Wyatt. As we were mining, Wyatt spotted something in the distance and said, “I think I see something!”
“What?” I asked.
“He-He-He-He-Herobrine!” Jaden studdered.
We all lost connection so I called to see what was going on. “What happened?” I asked. “My body is in Minecraft.”
Jaden answered, “Me, too!”
Wyatt replied, “Weird.”
I said “Woaaoh-ahhh! Oh, hi, am I in Minecraft now, too?”
“Yes, indeed,” answered Wyatt.
“Guys, I think I see a village!” Jaden said.
“Good, let’s go check it out.” I replied.
We walked along a path and found the village. “Hello,” said a villager. “My name is Nicholas.”
“Mine is Joaquin!” said another villager.
“Can we spend the night?” I asked.
“But, of course!” answered Nicholas.
We all walked up to a house and slept. When we woke up we yawned and stretched and then continued on our adventure. “I’m hungry!” I moaned.
“I got some steak with me.” Jaden told me.
“Thank you!” I said as I ate it up really quickly.
Then, Wyatt suddenly yelled, “I see a mountain we can live on!”
I led everyone towards the mountain. When we were on the top, we noticed a mansion not too far away. “Ahhh…travelers,” a man said decently.
“Hey, who are you!?” I asked.
“I’m Abraham!” he answered. “Come in, come in.”
“Woahhhh!” I said very dazzled. “This is soooo coooool!”

To Be Continued....

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