Thursday, November 20, 2014

Back Draft

No, this has nothing to do with Backdraft the movie. This is the first draft for what will go on the back cover:

Only two weeks have passed since Jimmy and Annie, still only nine-years-old each, had thwarted Etyouth’s takeover of Washington D.C. Now, Jimmy and Annie are confronted by two mysterious boys, both with unique powers, who attack Annie while on the way to a school field trip. After leaving a trail of destruction, the two boys vanish into a green triangular spacecraft. Meanwhile, Jimmy is on a quest to seek out his parents. With completely new identities, his parents are unable to recognize Jimmy. Distraught, Jimmy yearns for a family of his own. Stricken with a lethal, incurable illness, Jimmy is taken to an island a thousand light years from Earth by a band of super powerful kids, simply called the Brothers and Sisters.

Treated for the disease, he meets Mama who declares Jimmy as the leader of the Children, dubbing him their “Wohali.” Mama considers the Children a race of Evolved humans destined to replace the Earth’s billions of other inhabitants. Jimmy’s identity splits into two. His newer, more sinister side takes control over him and becomes a willing participant in Mama’s plans, which involves the eventual deaths of all the Unevolved people of the Earth—and his best friend, Annie Marshall. Can Jimmy overcome the evil spirit inside him and spare his friend and the Earth from a disastrous fate?


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