Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Possible front covers

Take a look at some prototype front covers for the collection of middle-grade short stories.

Okay, I call it The Snowball Files, even though there is only one story with any kind of winter theme.  And, they're fantasy and adventure stories, but I wanted to keep the subtitle with as little words as possible.  I'm looking at doing a basic cover--nothing fancy.  I know--people judge books by the cover.  I'm bucking that trend with this book.  Now I just need to think about the back.  My preference is the second one.  This Friday, I'm going to write a list of my top, most hated commercials currently running on TV and throughout the Internet. 

I can't wait for me to finish getting this all edited and to get the layout all set.  Well, bye for now.  Be good to yourselves.


  1. I'd say #2! I definitely like the snowflake better on that one too. =)