Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve...Be Merry!

Once more...Merry Christmas to those who celebrate.  I don't have a long post today.  What I'm going to do is list some possible last minute gifts to the author in your life.  In addition, I have a list for those writers looking for the best way to handle the Christmas holiday.

Last Minute Gift Ideas:
  1. A "Look at me...I'm an author" coffee mug--whether you're super powerful or not.
  2. An "I wrote a book and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" T-shirt.
  3. Swiss Army Knife set with a pen for autographing books attached. (You want one with a can opener if you're a starving writer and need a way to open your Alpo.)
  4. Go out to a movie and give your author some piece and quiet.
  5. Condoms with world's luckiest author/world's luckiest author's boy toy (for the lady authors out there or whatever).
Writer's Guide to Christmas:
  1. Watch "A Christmas Story".
  2. Read something super powerful
  3. Say something controversial at your family gathering...especially if it's at your in-laws.
  4. Critique each Christmas greeting card by adding, "I could write better."
  5. Eat all the good Christmas candies.  Leave the weird stuff for others.
Have a wonderful holiday!  Avoid a crappy attitude!  Avoid stupidity and be safe. 

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