Friday, December 27, 2013

Another Excerpt

I nearly forgot to post today.  I'm still working on a new short story.  Can't really call it flash fiction, but I don't have any new story to add.  So, I'll post another excerpt for Red-Headed Enchanted Justice.

So, Gilbert, how is my little apprentice?” Sue had such a soothing 
voice. For Gilbert’s part she was the antithesis of what a witch 
should be. He had witnessed so many hangings or burnings at the 
stake of gals who were definitely not witches. Some of the people 
back then had no sense in their heads. It was just pure hysteria. 
The only genuine witch he had ever known was Sue and only after 
she stumbled upon his home in the forest that he refused to give up 
since his untimely death. Sue saw it as a perfect place for a witch 
to get away from any living person. 
As for Gilbert, the woodworker’s son, before his own death, he 
 watched his friend Cecily taken away from his run down village. 
Cecily and Gilbert were often antagonistic towards each other and 
they both were constantly exchanging insults. This was the way of 
children who took a liking to each other. She actually was a second 
cousin and it was thought the two were destined to be husband and 
wife. However, the priest came, stirring up the villagers into 
accusing Cecily as a witch because they saw her grappling a frog 
that fascinated her down by the old pond. Considered unladylike, 
they took her and tied a stone around her waist before pushing her 
in that same mucky body of water. It was a test to see if she was 
truly a witch. Of course, she drowned. Gilbert screamed at them to 
stop. They just ignored his cries. When she was proven not
a witch, they just tossed her dead body to her grief stricken 
father and didn’t offer any condolences or anything. 
A month or so later he had his mishap with breaching the royal 
walls and it was “off with his head”. Gilbert went straight to his 
parents to let them know what happened, but with his body dead 
they would never hear him. Never would they know the truth. He 
always hoped to be reunited with his parents and Cecily in the 
afterlife. The boy never found them, especially since Gilbert 
avoided leaving his boyhood home and had haunted it ever since.

Sue came along and she sensed his spirit in the house. With a bit of 
magic she strengthened his ghostly form so she could hear him 
when he spoke. Gilbert made up the name Prince Poppycock out of 
sheer amusement. He hoped that if he ever was born again, he 
would come back as royalty instead of the crappy peasant 
conditions he was originally thrust into. The witch would come 
and go, actually living in the city a few times under a guise. She 
tried her hand at marriage. Her husband dared to rough her up, but 
he had no clue of her powers. The faux prince would sometimes 
look at the fool strapped to a wall down in the cellar, moaning for 
centuries as Sue ate one chunk of his flesh every year. Using some 
kind of magic to slow his aging process and to keep infection from 
doing him in, that man moaned every day for death.

Looking at Ruthie in this mirrored dungeon, she was a girl that 
reminded him of his dear friend, Cecily. He vowed not to be as 
antagonistic with her in case she was ever done in by the ignorant 
fools of her day. So far, none of the guards, as he saw them, 
mentioned trying to kill her, but he was keeping his eye out for 
that. Those idiots wouldn’t believe her about his actions and he 
knew that. Gilbert thought of what he would do if they locked her 
in a worse dungeon than this one. At least her mother could be 
with her.

He responded to the witch. “She’s been put into a dungeon with a 
mirror by the authorities. They believe she is responsible for 
killing her own father and grandparents.”

And…let me guess who the real culprit is…the one who calls 
himself Prince Poppycock.”

Well, of course. Do you know what her own father did to her?”

Yes…I told you he could not be trusted with the girl. Her wicked 
grandmother hated her for no reason. I think accusing her of 

Something like that. Her grandfather was planning on 
dishonoring her. He was going to do the most unthinkable.”

Yes, I knew he would do that. He had done it to her before.”

The ghost boy stood on his feet while on the table. “That is 
despicable. Ruthie had also revealed that to me just this evening. 
And they chop my head off. I’m totally happy to see him get what 
he deserved. Dishonoring a little girl.”

You have done well to protect her. I’m guessing Ruthie may be in 
big trouble, however. They won’t believe her if she tells the truth. I 
foresee that they will lock her in a prison for children. She will be 
the youngest one there.”

I will put a stop to it, Witch. I promise you that.”

Don’t worry. That may be a good time for her to be a permanent 
resident with us. Being only a child, it’ll make it so much easier to 
raise her now and have her accept my offer of apprenticeship when 
she enters her teenage years. I will bring her to live with us.”

Gilbert grinned bigger than he had in ages. “My word, Witch. That 
is so grand. Sue. I love her. I need to somehow come alive again. 
She could be my mate.”
Sue just chortled under her breath. “Well, she’s too young for love 
now. But, in her teen years, she would be more than ready.”

One thing Gilbert did mention, “You know what, Sue. I think these 
people have a much better way of communicating instead of using 
a magic pot. It’s a phone. Perhaps we could get one.”

Hmm…I’m a little old fashioned. I think my way works just fine. 
Keep an eye on her. Protect her, but do be wise. The girl is already 
in enough trouble. Don’t make it worse with too many dead 

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