Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer 2016--a Brief Update

I have spent many months not writing but working as a substitute teacher. Unfortunately, I haven't written much or kept up with this blog. Well, the school year is nearly over here in Michigan. I'm planning a return to my writing life and selling books. I've been torn recently either to finish the Jimmy Miller series or to revamp it. One thing I'd like to to is reduce the wordiness of the first two books. My original intent was to write the series in first person, which meant writing as if a fourth grader had written with help from a "behind the scenes" adult helping him.

However, I've been reading a science fiction book where the author is not writing as a fourth grader, but is way too wordy. It reminded me of my writing. How can I criticize him when I have done the same thing?

Anyway, I'm planning on bring back book buying options on the blog for those who wish to purchase an autographed copy via eBay. I've gotta run...I've got a sub job to do. Third grade today! Yeah!

Be good to yourselves!

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