Thursday, October 1, 2015

Eclipse Magic

Sunday night was the Supermoon lunar eclipse. It was mostly cloudy in Michigan, but there had been some brief moments of clearing. As you may or may not be aware, I love a good conspiracy theory/end-of-the-world scenario. Monday was supposed to be the Rapture. It's when Jesus comes and takes all the faithful to Heaven. Either I missed the Rapture train or it never happened. I woke up and had coffee like always. It was quite delightful coffee, too. Starbucks Italian dark roast. Maybe I am in Heaven based on the coffee. However, while I was out driving, the traffic reminded me that Heaven isn't filled with large trucks in your way or those jerk drivers whose sole mission in life is to wake up and be jerks.

Another thing that was supposed to happen was the collapse of the American economy. The American stock markets slumped Monday, but now their going strong. So far, no asteroids have collided with Earth. An asteroid strike was another event that was going to happen. Maybe Superman showed up and stopped it.

I planned on posting earlier in the week, but I had some things I had to do in regards to a potential job. In a couple of weeks, I could be a substitute teacher. It's part of my plan to raise funds to market and sell more books. I had a training and had to get fingerprinted. All my paperwork has to get processed. My next flea market won't be until October 31...Halloween. Do I show up in costume? Do I pass out candy? Stay tuned! I may answer these questions in time.

Be good to yourselves!

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