Saturday, December 6, 2014

Minecraft story, the Final Edition

And now the conclusion to Lost in Minecraft, written by my son, Brayden.

Chapter 7: Boat Ride
“I think we need to get back in real life.” I suggested.
“How? I mean, we’re in a video game. It doesn’t sound bad, but it is,” Jaden said.
“I think we should make a boat to sail back to real life,” I suggested. So, we crafted a boat and let loose out to sea.
We were sailing so long until, “Land Ho!?!?” We screamed in questioning voices. We got on the island, but right then the boat started to float away. Wyatt tried to grip it, but he couldn’t and the boat continued to float along.
“Well, we’re stranded,” said Jaden.
“Of course, of course!” Wyatt said in frustration.
“Guys this isn’t over yet, so let’s get back on the water. Now, who’s with me!?” I said in encouragement. I heard crickets chirp. I decided to make a boat by myself, lug them on it, and float away on the water.
“We’re moving again!” Jaden yelled happily.
“We…we…we are here!” Wyatt stuttered.
“Yup, thanks to me,” I said. We kept on moving and, suddenly, crash-landed and I yelled, “A city!” We got off the boat and ran inside.

Chapter 8: Obsidian City
We saw a girl in the front line that talked to someone and said, “We have some more customers.”
“Wait a sec,” I said. “Where’s Isaac?”
“Well, he’s gone and we’re not gonna get him back,” Jaden said.
“Follow me to the king, please,” this girl told us. We followed her to the “king.” We asked the king for many things like, “Can we wash up?” “Can we get new clothes?” “Can we get food?”
He replied, “The water doesn’t work, and we don’t provide clothing, but you can have plenty of food.”
We went to this all you can eat buffet and we chowed down on everything, even if we didn’t like it. When we were all full, we asked the king one more question. “How can we get out of Minecraft?”
“You could get out of it from the mountain of Dome-Do,” he said as he showed it to us out of the window. We walked down to get out of the building and went on our mission for the iron key.

Chapter 9: The Iron Key
We were coming to find the key when we saw… “Isaac!” We all screamed.
“Hey guys!” Isaac told us. We all explained to him what was going on. Then, we all walked off to the mountain. We asked for some explosives and mining tools at a store, and they gave us some—for free! We got some TNT set up and Isaac was mining, too, but we couldn’t find anything. I set off a TNT block at the top and there I found the key, but the explosion was so powerful it fell in a hole of lava.
“It fell in lava!” I yelled.
“Noooo!” they screamed back. We all hopped in that hole, avoiding the lava. We ran after the key and Isaac jumped over the lava and grabbed the key.
“Woo-hoo!” Jaden said, “Way to go, Isaac!”
We built a ladder to climb out of the mountain. We also ran extremely fast back to the king, opened the door, and went up the steps to see the king standing right there. Then, I told him, “We go the key! We got the key!”
“Where is the chest?” Wyatt asked.
“Right there,” the king said as he pointed to the corner. We got up to the chest, put the iron key in, and grabbed the teleportation balls. We said bye to the king, and…

Chapter 10: Home
“Mom, Dad!!” I yelled. We all reunited with our families and lived happily ever after. Then, I saw same blocky stuff outside.
You think it’s the end…or is it?


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