Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New look, same blog

I've changed the look of the blog. Why? Why not? Last week I did not post anything new because I had to focus on keeping up the house. Super powerful writers struggle with accomplishing basic chores. As much as I'd like to stay insulated within my world of fiction, I must deal with the reality once in a while. However, I'm just so excited over Book 2 of Jimmy Miller the Super Powerful being ready for the revision and editing process. I'm really hoping for an end of summer release. 

Last Saturday I was at the same flea market in Paw Paw, Michigan. Being placed in Lot 13 and isolated from other sellers, I didn't get much foot traffic. I did sell two JM the Super Powerful to a couple of kids. One was a kid from a nearby seller. He said he enjoyed the story so far. He managed to get past Chapter 2.

This Saturday I'm back in Kalamazoo at the County Expo Center. This is indoors so I won't have to get a canopy staked into the ground.

The kids get out of school June 10th for the summer. Due to a high number of snow days, they have to make up a couple of days. So, I'll be going off on vacations and won't be posting some weeks. If you miss me, why not read through old posts or order one of my books. You know, the links to the print edition are to the Amazon listing and there are usually deals they'll give you. Of course, they have that shipping and handling charge. However, I think they have deals on shipping and handling, too.

Well, happy June! Hey, the more books I sell, the more I can add to this blog site. Maybe, I could build an actual fan web site. Be good to yourselves!

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