Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Quick Links

I have quick links for Crazy Adventures: Preteen Stories and Fantasies. They are now permanently fixed to the blog right above the links for Jimmy Miller the Super Powerful. Note, the price for the e-book, which is now only in Kindle format, is a mere 99-cents. Okay, that really means 1 dollar. The paperback version is more expensive because is uses actual resources from like trees and stuff. I posted the price as 10 dollars, but Amazon may sell for less. It would need to be shipped to you. It's linked to Amazon. I added a link to the paperback version of Jimmy Miller the Super Powerful. It's an Amazon link. Well, the paperback and Kindle version of Jimmy Miller are linked together on Amazon.

Of course, I am still selling a draft copy of  Crazy Adventures on ebay for 99-cents, well, it's being auctioned at that price.

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